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Johnston Logistics implements new WMS

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Johnston Logistics UK has invested further in its Warehouse Management System (WMS) to boost productivity and provide their clients with even greater access to information.

The warehousing, logistics and fulfilment specialists, who handle over 320 million items every year, have chosen the latest version of the cloud-based Access Delta and Delta Bond software.

“We’re thrilled to have invested in the very latest Warehouse Management System. Not only does it improve our own processes but it speeds up integration with our client’s systems and provides them with the real-time data they need to stay firmly in the loop” says Rob McIndoe, Director of Johnston Logistics UK.

A Warehouse Management System (WMS) consists of the software and supporting hardware used to manage stock movements. Its objective is to help goods and materials move from production, through storage and on to distribution; all in the most transparent and efficient manner. At the heart of this is accurately tracking every movement.

By standardising inventory movements and picking methods, Warehouse Management Systems can greatly increase efficiency within a logistics warehouse. A well implemented WMS may also lower warehouse error rates and can reduce training costs. Supply chain management in particular can be optimised by a WMS’s automated replenishment system.

Rob McIndoe states, “Implementing our new system has come fairly naturally. Our staff have really taken on board the new technology and are excited to streamline our processes and integrate with our client’s IT. Our staff have already heard positive feedback from customers, including an overall improved experience with faster fulfilment times and increased communication.”

Johnston Logistics UK’s significant investment in the latest technology further enhances their clients’ access to data via a user-friendly dashboard. Amongst other functions, the online portal enables clients to create Stock Keeping Units (SKUs), add Advanced Shipping Notices (ASNs), view stock and track orders in real-time. Their clients are already seeing the benefits.

Rob continues “End-to-end supply chain transparency is more critical than ever, so we’re thrilled our clients have already noticed the benefits of our new technology. With real-time reporting straight to their inboxes, and our IT and customer care teams are always on hand to help, we’ve made monitoring and managing their logistics even easier.”

The newest version of Access WMS is designed to offer a high degree of compatibility with businesses’ existing stock control and tracking systems. As well as supporting dedicated methods of secure data transfer, the cloud-based software accepts uploaded data in almost any form and easily integrates with ecommerce systems including Shopify and WooCommerce.

Rob concludes “Technology is a critical part of modern logistics and our investment reflects that. As well as helping us deliver high-efficient logistics, it’s vital we offer our clients the transparency they need to boost their own productivity and profit. It’s an investment both for now and for the future. Technology is always changing, always growing, especially in the logistics world. As one of the largest logistics providers in East Anglia we’re keen to grow with the times and continue to stay ahead with the very latest in warehouse technology.”

Johnston Logistics UK’s WMS has been designed to support every aspect of warehouse management from streamlining processes to reducing human error and improving picking efficiencies to maximising operational capacity. With an increase in productivity the logistics fulfilment company can deliver better customer service and ultimately better bottom-line results.

Johnston Logistics UK delivers warehousing, logistics and fulfilment for businesses including major supermarkets, leading brands and ambitious businesses. Though they deliver logistics for a wide range of fast-moving goods and other imported and manufactured items, they have a particular reputation for providing bonded warehousing for drinks and alcohol. More than half of all wine sold in Asda supermarkets passes through their operations.

For more information on Johnston Logistics UK’s visit or call 01953 888381 for more details.

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