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Are you ready for the red diesel ban?

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Paul Brookes, Fleet and Gas Sales Director for TSG Solutions UK, urges businesses currently using red diesel to get ready for the ban set to come into force next April. Unprepared organisations could leave themselves open to fines and rising costs.

Driven by the UK government's ambitious bid to bring all greenhouse gas emissions to net zero by 2050, the entitlement to use rebated red diesel will be withdrawn from many industries as of April 1st 2022; a move that it is hoped will encourage the take-up of more environmentally friendly fuels, such as biodiesels.

While this is a positive step towards a cleaner environment, such a significant transition can also present serious challenges. Crucially, the transition cannot start on April 1st, it needs to be completed by then, with all stocks of red diesel depleted by that point.

Affected businesses must start considering alternative fuel options now and be aware of the implications of this change:

  • Do not stockpile red diesel in the belief that you will be allowed to continue to use it after the deadline - this is definitely not the case and illegal usage will result in prosecution.
  • Be careful with your alternative fuel choice. Undyed/white fuels are a more attractive proposition to thieves and will be subject to rising fuel costs.
  • Due to this increased risk of theft we recommend enhancing security measures.
  • Consider investing in a reliable fuel management service to help minimise the financial loss caused by theft, leaks and short deliveries.
  • If you are changing from red diesel to an alternative fuel (not white diesel), tanks, piping and dispensing equipment should be flushed and cleaned.
  • Registered fuel suppliers must ensure there is no trace of the red dye in their tanks and supply lines

TSG is available to support transitions from red diesel, whatever your industry or fuel application. It can offer advice and guidance on the next steps, and provide the necessary services to make this important change as seamless as possible.

For more information on TSG, please visit:

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