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Prologis UK aims to train over 700 Northamptonshire jobseekers

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Job seekers in Northamptonshire will be the first to benefit from the free warehousing and logistics training programme.

A group of job seekers from Northamptonshire will be the first people in the UK to benefit from the Prologis Warehousing and Logistics Training Programme (PWLTP) when they take part in a pilot training session for the initiative.

In a week where European Supply Chain Day (15 April) will highlight the importance of the logistics and transport sector, participants in the week-long pilot scheme will receive practical development training and employability skills such as interview technique. All learners will achieve an accredited qualification in International Trade and Logistics Operations and will have access to up to 60 online training courses to further enhance their skillset.

Prologis is working in partnership with the Supply Chain Open Education Academy (SCOEA) – a Northamptonshire-based enterprise providing education and training for the supply chain sector. The PWLTP will use a combination of online and in-person teaching and learning experiences to enable students to gain the skills, knowledge and competencies required to find and build a career within the logistics sector.

Part of the global Prologis Community Workforce Initiative (CWI), established by Prologis Inc in 2019, the PWLTP is a free digital learning and development programme aimed at training those leaving education and re-skilling the unemployed by equipping them with the knowledge needed to pursue a career in logistics. Globally this programme has an ambitious target of re-training 25,000 individuals by 2025. In the first year alone, Prologis UK aims to put over 700 local people through the PWLTP in Northamptonshire, where the number of people employed in logistics is double the national average.

The PWLTP will also ensure logistics businesses operating on Prologis Parks will have access to an ongoing source of skilled employees for their operations, as part of Prologis’ PARKlife initiative. Once employed by a Prologis’ customer, individuals will benefit from continued support as well as the opportunity to progress through a ladder of National Vocational Qualifications (NVQs).

As a result of the pandemic, UK unemployment currently sits at 5 percent, however, transport and logistics is one of the only sectors actively recruiting. Recent research conducted by Prologis UK suggested that 1 in 2 people believe that logistics workers are perceived more positively now, as people become more aware of the industry’s value. Currently the sector provides 2.6 million jobs – a figure that’s only expected to grow as the e-commerce boom continues.

Tom Price, Capital Deployment and Leasing Associate at Prologis UK, said: “Demand for employees has never been greater across the transport and logistics industry. With UK unemployment rising, the Prologis Warehousing and Logistics Training Programme will enable young people and the unemployed in Northamptonshire to forge a career in the sector, at no cost to themselves.

“This not only brings obvious benefits for the individuals and the local area, but it’s great news for customers on our Prologis Parks, who will have an even larger talent pool to access in future.”

Professor Simon Denny, Director of Customer Experience at the Supply Chain Open Education Academy, said: “The logistics sector is one which has grown exponentially in recent months and offers fantastic opportunities for progression; Prologis’ Warehousing and Logistics Training Programme provides a springboard into this diverse range of career options. Together, we’ve designed a course which focuses on practical training and developing employability skills; it’s all about building competence and confidence in people.

“We are staggered by Prologis’ scale and vision for the Programme; it’s something we’re incredibly proud to be part of and we look forward to seeing the benefits.”

Solomon, PWLTP pilot scheme participant said: “It’s a great feeling to be one of the first people on the Warehousing and Logistics Training Programme – I already feel like I’m ahead of the game as we come out of lockdown.

“The team have been really supportive and talked me through the process; I am confident that the skills and support from the programme is going to help me going forward in my career.”

At time of publication, courses are being held fortnightly, and with social distancing measures in place according to UK Government guidelines.

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