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Webinar News

Webinar: How to choose the right palletizing system

On Thursday 25 November Kai Menges and Yannick Buchheit of Körber Supply Chain will discuss how to select the right palletizing system for your business.

Implementing a highly efficient palletizing system can reduce total costs and energy consumption. As a market leader in palletizing and automation area, Körber has a strong focus on the end of line tissue manufacturing palletizing and logistics. It aims to help tissue manufacturers to solve manufacturing logistics questions.

In this webinar Kai Menges and Yannick Buchheit will discuss what criteria should be considered when choosing a palettizing system according to individual business needs and how a palletizing system can improve the efficiency of your production logistics and increase sustainability.

When you attend this webinar, you will:

• Walk away with what criteria should be considered when choosing a palletizing system according to your business needs
• Learn how different palletizing systems service your production logistics
• Learn how a palletizing system improves the efficiency of your production logistics
• Get to know various types of palletizers and their application scenarios



Kai Menges

Kai MengesHead of Business Development & Field Marketing Manufacturing Logistics, Körber Business Area Supply Chain

Kai has joined the Körber in 2016 as Product Manager for Palletizing Systems. In 2019 he was sent to the US as Vice President Product Solutions North America to build up the Supply Chain Automation subsidiary in Pittsburgh, PA. After returning to Germany in 2020, he is now responsible for business development and field marketing.

Yannick Buchheit

Yannick Buchheit, Product Manager Manufacturing Logistics, Körber Business Area Supply Chain

Yannick Buchheit is a Product Manager within Körber Business Area Supply Chain. He covers the company’s whole product & service portfolio in manufacturing logistics, particularly palletizers as well as lightweight and pallet conveying equipment. Considering himself as the extended arm of the customer, he is responsible for product lifecycle management, product market strategy and go-to-market strategy.


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