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ASDA extends long-term partnership with Vanderlande

ASDA extends long-term partnership with Vanderlande .jpg
ASDA, the UK supermarket chain, has renewed its site-based, life-cycle services contract with Vanderlande for the next five years.

The extension of the existing agreement will see the two companies continue to collaborate at the retailer’s Warrington distribution centre (DC) in the UK until 2026. The Warrington DC is Asda’s automated ambient warehouse in their distribution network – with the highest picking accuracy, consistently leading in terms of the Overall Warehouse Rate (OWR).

Earlier in the year, SHD visited the Warrington Distribution Centre. The efficiency of this site has been improved by Vanderlande’s future-proof automated case picking (ACP) solution and the dedication of colleagues in the operational and support teams responsible for overall system performance and maintenance activities, 24 hours a day. Vanderlande’s ACP solution handles an average of two million cases per week, processing nearly 9,000 SKUs, and helping Asda supply stores across the northwest of England.

The photo above features, from left to right, Sharon Hammond, Senior Director Food North at Asda Logistic Services, Jon Parry, Vice President at Asda Logistics Services, Remo Brunschwiler, Chief Executive Officer at Vanderlande and James Cotton, Executive Managing Director Warehouse Solutions at Vanderlande.

“Through our partnership with Vanderlande we’ve been able to drive efficiency that has contributed to an overall increase in volume since 2018. Our relationship with Vanderlande has gone from strength-to-strength and is helping us to achieve our strategic vision – to serve our customers better than anyone else,” said Jon Parry, Vice President of Asda Logistics Services.

“We’re proud about our ongoing partnership and dedication, and we share a combined vision of continuous improvement and synergy in operational and services requirements,” adds Terry Verkuijlen, Vice President Warehouse Solutions at Vanderlande. “Asda is seeing great results, every day, thanks to the motivated individuals in our high-performing teams. Everyone at Vanderlande is delighted that this continued trust has been rewarded by a five-year contract extension.”


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