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The Logistics Report: Focus on Automation, March 2022

The Logistics Report: Focus on Automation, March 2022
The second Logistics Report continues to explore the most critical trends in logistics. In this March issue, automation is the core focus.

This edition of The Logistics Report delves into the world of automation in logistics. Whether you have never considered automation in your operation, or have multiple solutions already implemented, this report acts as a guide for getting started, as well as next steps.

The report is divided into two major sections: 

  • Automation in Theory
  • Automation in Practice

Automation in Theory outlines why automation is the key to solving many of the pain points that the industry currently faces. The section identifies the major reasons why logistics businesses are seeking automation solutions, primarily labour issues, booming e-commerce and the growing importance of resilient supply chains.

Automation in Practice explores a variety of real-life technologies, from the perspective of a retailer, a 3PL and technology suppliers. It will provide you with a spread of examples of the wide array of tasks that automation can handle in operations of varying sizes.

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