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Locus Robotics begins partnership with Balloon One

Relationship accelerates the deployment of Locus's Multi-Bot AMR fulfilment solution to Balloon One customer sites throughout the United Kingdom.

Locus Robotics, a specialist in autonomous mobile robots (AMR) for fulfilment warehouses, has announced a strategic partnership with Balloon One, a London-based provider of software and supply chain applications for distribution, manufacturing and e-commerce companies. Together, Balloon One and Locus Robotics will provide customers with a more efficient, cost-effective solution to meet the dramatically increasing demand for e-commerce fulfilment, further driving the adoption of the innovative warehouse technologies offered by both companies. 

“As e-commerce continues to explode across all channels, warehouse fulfilment has become a critical part of the economy,” said Rick Faulk, CEO of Locus Robotics. “Our partnership will deliver robotics technology to Balloon One customers and drive significant operational efficiency and productivity gains, and a faster time to value.”

Through the partnership, Balloon One will offer Locus Robotics’ multi-bot solution for warehouse fulfilment alongside Körber/HighJump WMS, enabling customers to achieve consistent efficiency gains of 200-300% without the need for expensive or time-consuming infrastructure changes. In addition, the Locus Robotics-as-a-Service (RaaS) model ensures that Balloon One customers can address the challenges of the labour market at an exceptionally low start-up cost. 

“Balloon One is pleased to announce an exciting new partnership with the autonomous mobile robot (AMR) provider, Locus Robotics,” said Craig Powell, Managing Director, Balloon One. “The Locus system can be deployed in as little as four weeks and provides two to three (2X-3X) times picker productivity gains. Based on our internal assessment, we believe this technology will become an essential part of our warehouse operations and will provide our customers with a unique and significant advantage in today’s increasingly demanding e-commerce landscape.”

The COVID-19 pandemic has quickly transformed the retail industry, making online and omnichannel purchasing the new normal across the globe. Locus Robotics’ industry-leading robotics fulfilment solution enables brands, retailers, and third-party logistics (3PL) operators to easily meet higher order volumes and increasing consumer demand for e-commerce, retail, omnichannel, and manufacturing order fulfilment. Locus’s multi-bot solution for fulfilment incorporates collaborative, autonomous robots that work closely with human employees to improve fulfilment productivity and efficiency – consistently doubling or trebling fulfilment productivity, lowers labour costs, with near-100% accuracy, while also enabling users to save 30% or more in operating expenses.

Balloon One will be offering live, in-person demonstrations of the Locus Solution to prospective customers at their new demonstration suite in West London. Demos will provide a hands-on experience to showcase the value of the fully integrated Locus and Körber/HighJump solutions.

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