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The AMR Revolution

SHD speaks with Simon Houghton, Head of Sales and Marketing UK&I at Geek+, about the company's partnership with AMH and ASDA.

James Burman (JB): What is the relationship between Geek+, AMH and ASDA?

Simon Houghton (SH): Geek+ and AMH started to cooperate in 2019, when AMH recognised Geek+ robotics solutions provided industry-leading technology. Since then, the two have worked closely together with a shared customer-centric view enabling them to provide clients all over the UK with great automation solutions. In ASDA project, AMH delivering the project by using Geek + products and support.

With more customers shopping online, followed by surges in forward and reversed volume, ASDA was looking for a technology that would help them better serve customers and respond to fluctuating order volumes without having to invest in additional warehouse space. Consequently, they turned to AMH Material Handling, a trusted automation partner of many years, to implement Geek+ sorting system for intelligent parcel sortation. 


JB: In brief, what solution was provided to ASDA and why?

SH: The project required collaboration between AMH Material Handling, a provider of material handling solutions, and Geek+, with both businesses working to introduce new technologies that will help retailers to solve problems and quickly scale their operation, allowing them to better compete in today’s fast-paced e-commerce market.  Geek+ has partnered with Asda Logistics Services, and AMH Materials Handling to implement sixty sorting robots on a sorting area in a cross-docking facility in the Asda supermarket’s distribution center, allowing 2,000 parcels to be sorted each hour with 99.99% accuracy through its Asda toyou service. This project increases ASDA’s operation capacity while still working within the existing facility. By integrating S20C robots into the existing ALS sorting system, it empowers ASDA the ability to respond to rapid changes in order volume and continue to provide services during periods of peak demand.

"The robots work alongside our colleagues, enabling us to drive greater efficiencies at times of peak demand, which have helped to boost the number of parcels we're now able to sort through our Asda toyou service." says Jon Parry, Vice President of Asda Logistics Services (ALS).

Join SHD Logistics as we sit down with Andrew Coffey from ASDA, Simon Houghton from Geek+, and Barry Pemberton from AMH to take a closer look at how Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMRs) are challenging the way we work and transforming the warehouse and logistics industry. 'The AMR Revolution: Here and Now' webinar will take place on Thursday 29th July 2021 at 12pm BST - you can register for free here!

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