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AMR 101: maximising efficiency in the restricted warehouse

Jamie Mottershead, Solution Specialist - Voice & AMR for Korber Supply Chain, answers some commonly asked questions about autonomous mobile robots (AMRs).

What is an AMR?Jamie-Mottershead.jpg

Modular robots capable of autonomous navigation in a dynamic environment, without the need for physical or electro-mechanical guidance.  They sense their environment to identify obstacles and moving objects and plan their journey accordingly.

Why is now such an important time for people to consider AMR?

In 2019, e-commerce volumes were steadily increasing, but the pandemic of 2020 changed everything.  Consumers, faced with lockdowns, have suddenly shifted in-store shopping to online, and operators order volumes have exploded, with peak-level volumes happening regularly.  To keep up, warehouses need a flexible automation solution to efficiently deliver huge volumes, manage scarce labor, support workplace health-safety requirements, and ultimately grow their business in this new environment.

How did Körber’s relationship with Bolloré Logistics come about, and why is it such a good fit?

Bolloré were looking for ways to maximise efficiency in picking and storage inside a restricted warehouse space. As the global partner of choice within Supply Chain and with a proven track record of delivering efficiency and a lower cost of ownership, Körber were able to use our experience and knowledge to provide a true, end-to-end partnership.  Not only do we support the expansion of Bolloré whilst driving the required efficiency through AMRs, but we continue to support the organisation and develop new innovative ways to help them support their clients.

To hear more from James, sign up for the upcoming webinar on AMR technology.

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