Lineage Logistics takes 350,000 sq ft of cold storage

Lineage 1.jpg
The company has taken a total 350,000 sq ft of new cold storage as part of an ongoing multi-phase expansion.

Contractor Russell WBHO has broken ground on a new 230,000 sq ft / 92,000-pallet fully-automated facility at Great Haddon near Peterborough. It is the third phase of a project to create a South East Superhub, and will feature some of the world’s most sophisticated automation and refrigeration technology, helping to reduce energy consumption and overall environmental impact

Russell WBHO has also just completed the second phase of the project, a 46,000 sq ft space housing up to 15,000 pallets, having built the first phase in 2018. All three phases together will bring the South East Super Hub storage capacity to 118,000 pallets.

Work has also commenced on an 80,000 sq ft / 22,000-pallet cold storage unit at the firm’s Northern Superhub at Heywood in Greater Manchester. The project is the culmination of a multi-phase expansion of capacity at the site since 2004.

Lineage Logistics is continuing a planned programme of expansion across the UK, responding to demand for cold storage facilities from manufacturers, retailers and food service providers. This significant investment brings Lineage’s total automated warehouse count in the UK to six, with a total of 525,000 pallet positions, of which 330,000 are automated.

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Jonathan Baker, executive director, from Lineage Logistics said: “The value of the cold chain has never been so apparent as it is today, with pressure on food manufacturers and retailers resulting in increased demand for temperature-controlled storage and distribution facilities. 

“The expansion of our storage capacity was already in progress due to existing demand, though the current situation has highlighted the need for an extensive and enlarged cold chain provision throughout the world.”


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