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GXO and WorkFit: overcoming recruitment challenges inclusively

Speaking at IMHX 2022, representatives from GXO and WorkFit discussed how creating an inclusive working environment for those with Down's Syndrome can reap benefits for both the individual and the wider business.

GXO and WorkFit have partnered to create career development opportunities that are tailored to provide fulfilling employment to individuals with Down’s Syndrome. The goal of the programme is to match individuals who have unique needs to employment opportunities with a suitable work environment. This conference session covered how your business could benefit from inclusive recruitment practices.

Alison Thwaite, Employment Development Manager at Workfit, explained the role her programme plays: "There is a huge skills shortage across the UK and globally. There is also a huge pool of untapped talent that you can bring into your organisations. The Down's Syndrome Association set up [WorkFit] 12 years ago because we knew that employers were nervous about how to reach out to people with learning disabilities and bring them into the workforce. We are here to guide employers through every step of the process."

Mark Simmons, HR Director at GXO, highlighted identity as a key element of the business' people strategy. 

"The key questions for us are: how do we create a sense of belonging? How do we support the communities we operate in? And, how can we have the richest pool of talent in the UK to work within our business? The partnership between GXO and WorkFit plays a really important part in promoting that culture of inclusivity.

"We want to ensure that no matter what an individual's background is, or the skills and experience they have, they can develop their career and be successful within our business."

Tommy Patrick, Transport Operative at GXO, and a participant in the WorkFit scheme, described his experience. "The environment of the transport office is amazing. I have been working on PODs (paper of deliveries): I scan them and pass them onto my work colleague, Lynn. I am really enjoying my job at GXO."

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