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Storopack commits to improving the circular economy

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AIRplus 100% Recycled is setting new benchmarks in the field of flexible protective packaging.

The protective packaging specialist Storopack launches a new air pillow film that is produced from 100 percent recycled material. Storopack produces a 100% recycled film with a mixture of post-consumer and post-industrial waste. AIRplus 100% Recycled offers the same resistant protective properties as conventional air pillows. This solution is ideal for companies that value high-quality protective packaging to keep their own products safe, as well as sustainability. The lower material use of air pillows compared to other materials can also save costs. AIRplus 100% Recycled is recyclable and should be added to the recycling loop after use.

The result is 30% less greenhouse gas emissions during production compared to air pillow films made from virgin material. Due to the light weight of air pillows CO2 emissions are also reduced in the entire logistics chain compared to alternative materials. The use of recycling material also saves fossil resources.

PP_AP_Void 100_ Recycled_consumable_200x175_0198_high res.jpgWith AIRplus 100% Recycled, Storopack is expanding its product portfolio of flexible protective packaging made from 100% recycled material. In addition to the new air pillow film, numerous PAPERplus paper cushions and the PELASPAN packaging chips are made entirely from recycled raw materials. Many other products already contain a significant percentage of recycled or renewable material.

“AIRplus 100% Recycled perfectly fits into our sustainability strategy. It helps us to achieve our sustainability goal, to manufacture at least 50% of our internally produced protective packaging from recycled or renewable raw materials by the year 2025. We’re therefore always working on improving the recycling infrastructure and the overall production process,” says Vicentina Pereira, Product Manager for AIR & Loose Fill at Storopack. With its activities in the Alliance to End Plastic Waste and the CEFLEX initiative, Storopack is also committed to improving the global circular economy.

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