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Yale reaches FLTA Awards finals

Yale reaches FLTA Awards finals

Yale Europe Materials Handling has been selected as a finalist in the Ergonomics and Innovation categories of the Fork Lift Truck Association Awards for Excellence 2017.

The Yale MPT rider pallet truck series, with its adaptive seat design, provides the focus for both categories. Combining the key benefits of platform and seated models, the series has created a new class of truck, allowing operators the freedom to select their position at the touch of a button.

“We believe that it’s important to design our products around the people who will be using them in order to maximise operator productivity. The MPT rider pallet truck shows how we put that approach into practice,” said Iain Friar, Yale Brand Marketing Manager.

“The “Archie” has long been acknowledged as the industry’s most prestigious accolade and we are delighted to be selected again as a finalist for the FLTA Awards. Ergonomics and innovation are at the forefront of the Yale design process and this selection provides recognition that the company has created a breakthrough with the MPT rider pallet. We design the truck around the operator, so ergonomics is a critical consideration rather than an afterthought.”

The truck design ensures operators of all sizes are able to find a comfortable position while performing a range of different operations for short or long transfers. This innovative approach to stress-free operation addresses one of the leading factors in increased operator productivity.

The adaptive seat offers sit, lean and stand functionality, giving operators freedom of movement for any task. Operators also appreciate the fly-by-wire steering, the clear loading view, and an easily operated butterfly switch that gives control of direction and speed. Other features include a low step height for easier on-off access, large floor space, a solid grab handle and a compact chassis that offers convenient pallet handling.

The Oscar-style awards ceremony takes place in Telford on 4th March 2017, where the winners are presented with a small statuette of Archimedes.

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