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XPO Logistics manage all Siniat's transport flows

XPO Logistics manage all Siniat's transport flows

Logistics has been managing the European transport planning for Siniat, a leading supplier of drywall, insulation and finishing work for the construction sector, via its KeyPL management solution. Siniat is a member of the Etex group, a global leader in sustainable construction.

The XPO Logistics teams manage all Siniat's transport flows and carriers using a centralised control tower, and are responsible for the successful execution of over 40,000 domestic (within France) and international (to and from Belgium, UK, Germany, the Netherlands and Italy) transport operations each year.

Twelve XPO Logistics experts are fully dedicated to, and integrated into, Siniat's supply chain operations to ensure highly flexible transport management with continuous improvement in quality of service their goal. They are supported by XPO Logistics' proprietary information and management technology: the KeyPL Transport Management System (TMS). This enables real-time tracking of flows and deliveries, facilitates administrative tasks and ensures visibility and control of performance.

Jean-Marc Lami, XPO Logistics KeyPL Managing Director, stated: "The Siniat contract reflects XPO Logistics' unique expertise in the streamlining and optimisation of transport management on a pan-European scale. Our customer’s confidence in our ability to deliver this solution is based on our considerable experience and expertise of the construction sector, along with our technical capabilities."

Thierry Personnic, Siniat Supply Chain Director, explains: “Siniat chose XPO Logistics’ KeyPL solution, not only for XPO’s expertise but also because its teams were able to commit beyond a cost optimisation plan to deliver key service levels  – especially the reliability of customer deliveries and the availability of loading time slots at our 12 facilities, security and environmental criteria, and the monitoring of Key Performance Indicators, as well as the implementation of continuous improvement plans across the duration of the contract.”

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