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XPO Logistics awarded VWR International UK contract

XPO Logistics awarded VWR International UK contract

Transport and logistics solutions provider XPO Logistics has won a new contract with VWR International. XPO will manage distribution of VWR’s products to over 9,000 facilities across the UK, collecting an estimated 2,500 cases per day from the customer service centre in Lutterworth, Leicestershire.

XPO’s dedicated transport solution for VWR includes the specialist handling of hazardous and temperature-sensitive substances, delivered primarily to hospitals, universities and laboratories.

“We approached XPO Logistics because of their expertise in handling hazardous, time-sensitive goods, which is important to our customers. Additionally, XPO’s dedicated fleet and broad capacity give us the resources to flex volumes when we need to,” said VWR UK operations director Martin Glover. “XPO’s safety record and ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 quality standard accreditations give us confidence that our needs will be met and our growth objectives supported.”

Some 25 trucks will operate through six hubs to handle next-day and timed deliveries, with additional capacity available through XPO’s night deliveries network. XPO staff will manage the distribution process on site at Lutterworth, which stocks approximately 40,000 product lines.

XPO and VWR have jointly developed training programmes for staff involved in the handling of sensitive products, and XPO has drawn on its technological expertise to tailor tracking and reporting software for VWR. All systems and sites are in full compliance with ADR requirements. 

Simon Doran, business unit director, XPO Logistics, said, “VWR has complex logistics needs for the critical distribution of products that save lives every day. We can provide storage in strategic locations closer to their customers, to reduce delivery costs and lead times. We look forward to adding significant value to VWR’s supply chain and supporting their objectives for time-sensitive distribution and safe handling.”

VWR International is a worldwide supplier of products, services and solutions to the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, industrial, education, government and healthcare sectors for over 165 years.

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