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XPO to expand proprietary mobile technology into Europe

XPO to expand proprietary mobile technology into Europe

Global transport and logistics solutions provider XPO Logistics will be expanding its Drive XPO mobile technology to Europe this spring, following a successful launch in North America. The app, designed for carriers, supports real-time visibility across transportation modes and integrates carrier operations with daily productivity tools in one technology.

Drive XPO’s functionality is powered by the company’s proprietary Freight Optimizer system, the global platform for XPO’s non-asset transportation services. By bringing Freight Optimizer’s data science to the road, Drive XPO helps to reduce empty miles, lower fuel waste, reduce road stress and make the customer service process more dynamic.

Drive XPO displays load postings in real-time, with details such as origin, destination, freight type, timing and shipper, as well as special handling or equipment needs. While en route, carriers use the same app to become more efficient with refueling, layovers, traffic avoidance and other daily decisions. This combination of mobile capabilities — load procurement and productivity — is the next generation of capacity management.

Luis Gomez, managing director of transport, XPO Logistics Europe, said, "Drive XPO’s smart, self-learning algorithms, pricing tools and market analytics will bring a new level of efficiency to our brokerage operations. The technology enables greater connectivity with our carrier network and elevates customer service through digital track-and-trace and e-documentation.”

XPO’s development of supply chain innovations is accelerated by a cloud-based ecosystem and an annual technology investment of over $450m. Its apps are available for iOS and Android devices from the App Store and Google Play.

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