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Woodway UK Support John Lewis Christmas Campaign

Woodway UK Support John Lewis Christmas Campaign

The widely anticipated John Lewis Christmas advert launched on 6th November and this year Woodway UK worked with their Central Operations and Brand Teams to support them with their online packaging.

The ‘Man On The Moon’ campaign uses Augmented Reality (AR) through a dedicated app available for iPhone and Android. Woodway UK had been exploring using AR on and inside packaging to enhance the customer and retailer interaction. John Lewis decided to enhance the customer experience of their Christmas 2015 campaign by making the packaging an integral part.

Dan Finnegan, General Manager - Central Operations, John Lewis, explains, “We have worked with Woodway for a number of years and they have continually reviewed our packaging and looked at ways to improve the customer experience. Whilst exploring options for the Christmas packaging it was suggested that the AR we had created for the campaign could be printed on the inside of the packaging, transforming the box from a disposable item into an interactive piece. This has worked really well in creating synergy between our packaging and the other ways in which we share a message with customers in both our stores and online. I am looking forward to see what more Woodway can do throughout 2016.”

Jason Inwood, Managing Director, Woodway UK says, “This has been a very exciting project to work on. Utilising the latest technology, the John Lewis box acts like an advent calendar. Each day that it is scanned using the ‘Man On The Moon’ app a new item appears with a ‘fun fact’ about the moon. As with previous years the content of the 2015 John Lewis Christmas advert was a closely guarded secret. We ensured this remained under wraps until launch by creating a small dedicated working group for this project and we have been delighted to be a part of it.”


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