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Woodway launches PackRate with M&S

Woodway launches PackRate with M&S

Woodway UK has launched an online packaging survey tool following a successful 12-month trial with Marks & Spencer.

During the trial of Woodway's PackRate tool, over 60,000 M&S customers have rated their packaging to give an insight into consumers’ views.

Jason Inwood, Managing Director, Woodway UK, explains how PackRate was created: “Following discussions with a number of our retail and ecommerce customers we realised that packaging was being designed around our own perceptions of what we believe the consumer wants to see in their packaging.

"We realised that if we actually asked consumers, via a survey, we could quickly collate quantitative and qualitative data to help shape our customer's packaging strategy.

“Before developing the site, we discussed the concept with the Packaging Team at M&S and they agreed to support the initiative by running a trial with their customers. Once PackRate was launched we immediately saw significant numbers of responses.”

Roger Wright, Head of Technical Packaging, M&S, says: “We had previously run focus groups to gain consumer insight into packaging, but this data was only one point in time.

"One of the benefits of PackRate is that it provides a continuous flow of information which can be acted upon almost immediately. As we have developed our ‘Shop Your Way’ packaging with Woodway UK, as a direct result of PackRate feedback, we have seen the number of positive comments increase.

“PackRate is the best tool I’ve seen to gauge people’s opinions on packaging in real time whilst also having the ability to promote our environmental credentials and educate customers on related topics.

"I’ve been really pleased so many of our customers are willing to share their views on packaging, both good and where they think we can improve, and excited by the prospect of getting this information from a wider audience, when other retailers join the site.

"I’m also anticipating being able to mine the longer-term data trends in a way which informs our packaging strategy to enhance our brand, deliver real benefit for Marks & Spencer and delight our customers.”

Woodway UK will be promoting PackRate alongside its other products and services at IMHX in September at the NEC, stand 9A80.

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