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Westcoast Retail transforms Osram’s sales in one year

Westcoast Retail transforms Osram’s sales in one year

UK distributor and supply chain innovator, Westcoast Retail, announces that its supply chain expertise and merchandising services have helped boost Osram’s UK light bulb sales by 43% over 12 months from £7m to £10m.

Westcoast Retail was brought on board to review and revitalise Osram’s distribution and supply chain methodology in a bid to boost the light bulb giant’s already substantial £7m per year sales. Through Westcoast Retail’s efficient and smart approach to merchandising and the supply chain, the company has helped increase Osram bulb sales to £10m in the calendar year to December 2016.

Westcoast Retail implemented a more efficient supply chain model with faster speed to market, designed to ensure the right stock is at the correct distribution centre at the right time, improving Osram stock management. The flexible, agile and robust supply chain implemented by Westcoast Retail was also capable of handling dramatic seasonal fluctuations in consumer demand.

In addition, unlike traditional distributors, Westcoast Retail is able to re-blister package and re-barcode individual products without disrupting manufacturers. Applying this service to bulbs supplied by Osram enabled the product to be tailored to the retailers’ needs whether this is twin packs or triple packs, making it possible to more closely mirror consumer buying patterns with stock, therefore further boosting sales.

Westcoast Retail’s unique services don’t stop when the product reaches the store, however. Another significant factor in the sales uplift for Osram was the company’s unique in-store merchandising team which helps to ensure stock is on the shelf, priced correctly and badged with point of sale (POS) material.

Osram Senior Sales Director Retail D/A/CH & North Europe, Marc Gerster, commented:
“We have been very impressed with the impact that Westcoast Retail has had on our business over a relatively short period of time. Our improved on-shelf availability has dramatically increased sales, and our existing and new retailers are delighted.”
In addition to a significant sales increase, the efficiencies introduced by Westcoast Retail to Osram’s supply chain and reduction in overall stock levels resulted in less out-of-stocks, saving Osram significantly along the way.
Westcoast Retail MD, Carl Oxley, commented:
“We recognise that what brands and retailers alike are looking for is an innovative approach to distribution that provides less working capital and increased on-shelf availability in order to support higher rates of sales. We’ve worked closely with Osram to fully understand where the gaps lie and where efficiencies can be made to provide end-to-end distribution that has ultimately created increased sales for Osram on its products’ journey from production to shelf.”

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