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WERMA’s andon lights increase warehouse output and efficiency

WERMA’s andon lights increase warehouse output and efficiency

AndonSpeed is a new innovative plug-and-play andon light set manufactured by WERMA to provide prompt warning of disruption and breakdowns in logistics operations. The system is now being chosen by the major UK based online retail operations and to-date in excess of 1,500 systems have been delivered to some 16 different operations.

Reducing downtime, releasing bottlenecks in the system and responding quickly to calls for assistance are three key issues which slow down any logistics operation and effect output and efficiency.

With Andonspeed you can optimise the processes in warehousing and logistics. The unique andon light system provides effective signalisation and data reporting in warehouse applications.

How does Andonspeed work?

By just pressing a button a signal light is illuminated on the workstation, clearly indicating the call for action required.
Speed up your logistics – reduce process times by quick response to disruption

By responding directly to the andon light solutions to problems can be found, reaction and waiting times reduced and routing speeded up. All making for more efficient and lean processes.
Speed up your process – with intelligent reporting and analysis

The software package supplied with the kit saves, organises and evaluates all data collected in one database. You can obtain accurate and impartial reports and tap into unused capacities.

Intuitive and easy to use – Andonspeed is not only quick to install and ready for use, the simple activation of traditional traffic light colours green, red and amber make it suitable even for unskilled or seasonal staff.

Detailed reports with just one mouse click – clear overviews in the control station screen provide concise reports keeping you informed all of the time without the need for manual collection of data.

Transparency in the complete process

Transparency of process and waiting times, fault conditions and disruption to productivity enable you to take decisions based on real facts.

Increase productivity immediately

With an overview of various processes and identification of bottlenecks solutions can be found quickly and lasting counter measures implemented.

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