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Walkers reduce fuel by 20%

Walkers reduce fuel by 20%

By implementing a safe driving programme amongst all its staff, Walkers Transport has reduced its fuel spend by up to 20 per cent, and has improved driver safety across the board.

Today’s trucks are the safest in the history of the logistics industry, but it’s the new on-board technology that is helping Walkers make these cost savings. Speeding, quick acceleration, and sudden braking all contribute to increased fuel costs. By limiting acceleration and fast braking an increase in fuel economy is seen and also reduces the potential of a preventable accident.

Walkers Transport Managing Director, Graham Short said: “The fact is that there a direct link between safe driving and fuel efficiency; the safer the driver, the higher the miles per gallon.”

Walkers has installed the latest Tom Tom telematics into all of its trucks that helps the logistics company  track driver behaviour, mpg and job routing making both the vehicle and driver extremely efficient.

An added bonus is driver safety as driving economically requires the driver to be more aware of his or her driving actions and surroundings.
Graham explains: “By monitoring driver actions such as hard breaking, fast acceleration and idle engine activity during deliveries; for example is the driver leaving his motor running whilst he/she is out of the cab? we can generate a full report that helps us identify where and how we can operate more efficiently.

“All of the drivers have bought into the programme and check their stats at the end of each shift. We have a league table which is constantly updated showing who is the safest and most efficient driver which installs a bit of rivalry and creates a fair bit of banter amongst the staff.”

“The cost of installing this technology is counter-balanced though the extra safety it offers and even small increases in mpg can yield substantial savings when extended across the entire Walkers fleet.”

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