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Waberer’s sets up British subsidiary

Waberer’s sets up British subsidiary

European road transport operator Waberer's has established a subsidiary in Felixstowe. With the town boasting the largest container port in the United Kingdom, Waberer’s believes the choice of town is ideally situated to meet its strategic requirements.

Waberer's has been serving the British Isles and continental Europe for decades, with an ever-increasing market share.

The company’s equipment currently transports on average 700 FTL’s weekly to and from the UK’s industrial and commercial centres, in excess of 35,000 loads yearly.  

In recent years, demand for the company’s services on the British Isles has shown a two-digit growth, with 2013 surpassing the preceding year’s turnover by 15%. Currently, the UK is one of the largest markets for Waberer's. Over 15% of the entire European FTL revenues are generated through the UK’s economy. Therefore Waberer's established the subsidiary to respond to this increasing demand.

“Waberer's has been transporting the goods of large English enterprises and manufacturers in the supply chain for more than half a century," said Ferenc Lajkó, deputy CEO at the announcement of the subsidiary company’s foundation. “By the establishment of the subsidiary in Suffolk, we move closer to our customers and will understand their needs for transport and logistics services even better.

"This is essential for us to provide optimum services to all our British clients. We have appointed a local expert to lead Waberer’s UK Limited. Douglas French has decades of experience in the management of large local logistics companies, and this is a personal guarantee for the quality of service we provide our customers.” The deputy CEO added that he expects Waberer's turnover to double in England in the medium term.

Douglas French, development director of Waberer’s UK Limited, said he would do his utmost to deliver on the expectations of the cost-sensitive customers as fully as possible. “My efforts are supported by one of Europe’s youngest, most state-of-the-art fleets of more than 3,000 own asset trucks, over one-third of which are already powered by Euro 6 engines.

"With our fleet that travels nearly 30 million kilometres on British roads every year, it gives us more than sufficient coverage of the UK.

“The environmentally sound fleet furnished with the latest driving safety equipment is ready to arrive at the load points of any of its customers in the UK with the requested capacity within a very short lead time. The capacity is ensured by the parent company through continuous acquisition of vehicles.

"In 2014, Waberer’s will further update and expand its fleet with 1,300 new, environment-friendly trucks.”

French added that he relied on the information technology and telematics systems of Waberer’s in the safe and efficient transportation of freight. Thanks to one of Europe’s most efficient road optimisation, route control and freight tracking solutions, Waberer's truck-trailers reach the highest efficiency in freight transport. 

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