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VIDEO UPDATE: Toyota launches new BT Levio

VIDEO UPDATE: Toyota launches new BT Levio

Toyota Material Handling has launched the new BT Levio P-series powered pallet truck range which provides what it describes as exceptional efficiency and safety for customers.

Compact yet powerful, the new BT Levio P-series models boasts features that enable high efficiency in the most demanding horizontal transport operations. With load capacities of 2.0, 2.2 and 2.5 tonnes, these trucks are typically used for the loading/unloading of lorries and meet the Toyota high standards on productivity, durability, driveability, safety and environment.

Productivity is enhanced by the trucks’ small size and high speed potential: the BT Levio LPE250 can reach 12.5km/h – the highest speed for a powered pallet truck in the market so far.

These models are designed to be easy for operators to drive. These trucks have outstanding manoeuvrability due to foldable side guards, small turning radius in confined areas, and flip-up platform. Operators will also enjoy the comfort of having an adjustable tiller arm height that enables them to work in the ideal position.

Safety is enhanced by the trucks’ small frame which allows for excellent all-round visibility. The series comes with a large choice of driver protection solutions among which guards for every specific needs, fixed side protection, and foot sensor at the back that reduces the risk of foot injuries.

The platform and tiller arm design ensure the operators stays within the truck profile, providing increased support and safety for the operator.

Additionally, the advanced electronic concept Optimised Truck Performance (OTP) gives driver and load optimum stability by controlling the speed and angle when cornering.

Finally, the new BT Levio P-series has a low energy consumption and regenerative braking that make it more environmentally conscious.

“Our new BT Levio P-series 2.0-2.5 tonnes are designed for medium to intense applications and can efficiently and safely handle heavy loads,” says Tony Wallis, sales & marketing director at Toyota. "Our fleet customers will be happy to learn that the new LPE is available with the Toyota I_Site fleet management system. And more, our trucks also exist in Lithium-Ion version, helping to optimise energy and cost efficiency even further."


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