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VIDEO: take a 360° ride as a suitcase through Schiphol's luggage system

VIDEO: take a 360° ride as a suitcase through Schiphol's luggage system

A 360° video recording system from Arithmetica has been used to reveal the amazing journey of a suitcase at one of the world’s busiest airports.

From the moment the case is loaded by hand onto the conveyor belt to when it is picked up by a ‘robotic arm’ to be transported to the departing plane, the three-minute 360° interactive video shows the complexities faced by Schiphol Airport, which handles more than 50 million pieces of luggage every year.

The original film was commissioned by the Airport authorities following a multi-million dollar refurbishment and upgrade of the luggage handling system. Directed by Dutch based creative services agency Twain, with support from specialist production company TX, the interactive 360° video was made using a SphereVision recording and production system.

First debuted at Schiphol Airport in a 360° pop-up dome cinema to an audience of personnel who had been involved in the refurbishment project, the 360° interactive video was then placed on the airport’s website. Using SphereVision, a limited edition iOS app was also created as well as pre-processed Flash versions of the original.

“We are amazed at how quickly this video has taken off,” commented Joel van den Hoogen, Creative Director at Twain.

“The original feedback from the airport and personnel involved in the refurbishment was very positive and then the video went viral. So far we have received interest from around the world, with coverage on CNN, Fox8, Al Jazeera, the Daily Mail and Telegraph as well as hundreds of thousands of hits on YouTube, Facebook and the airport’s own website.”

The 360° representation of the suitcase’s journey was directed by Twain and filmed by TX using a SphereVision recording system in a single night at Schiphol Airport while the normal baggage transfer operations continued. A specially adapted suitcase was fitted with a Ladybug camera and SphereVision recording system before being loaded onto the luggage transfer network, which is made up of 21km of conveyor belts as well as a 5km rail system.

Handling over 50 million pieces of luggage a year, with a capacity of up to 70 million, at peak times the system can transfer 160,000 items a day. Individual items can travel up to 2.5km, at speeds of up to 40-50km/h, on the 30-minute journey from check-in to take-off.

“The SphereVision 360 video recording, production and playback system is easy to use from onsite filming to the end user sitting at a computer watching a YouTube video or to an audience of professionals in a pop up cinema,” continued van den Hoogen.

“We have worked with SphereVision and TX in the past on projects for other clients, including big names like Porsche and NS (Dutch Railways), and we remain impressed with SphereVision’s ability to provide visual access to inaccessible places, giving perspectives and views of a location or environment that would not otherwise be possible.”

For a standard MP4 version, please click on the link at the top of this story. For the full interactive 360° video, please click on this link.


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