VIDEO: Rotary movements in small spaces by igus

June 04, 2010 by Peter MacLeod
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VIDEO: Rotary movements in small spaces by igus

In order to guide power, data and other media safely through rotary motions in small spaces, complicated and expensive solutions are usually required. With the compact igus TwisterBand, rotations can now be guided and managed in very confined spaces, in a cost-effective way and with very little wear.

The new igus TwisterBand allows rotary movements of up to +/-1500 degrees with speeds of up to 380?/s possible. Being a compact and lightweight modular system, the igus TwisterBand requires minimal area for installation, making it ideal for use in confined spaces. There is no guide required for this system, it is easy to fill and can be used either horizontally or vertically.

The highly versatile TwisterBand system is suitable for use in a number of different types of application – including leisure rides, aerospace, wind turbines and robots.

To watch the new igus TwisterBand in action, please visit:


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