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Video: Protecting products

Video: Protecting products

With the rapid growth in the ecommerce sector and demands for instant deliveries, dispatch managers are encountering spiraling commercial and employee costs and are mindful that a single change in product or process can have huge cost implications.

Consequently instead of focusing on one element of their business they are now taking a holistic view of their total operations.

Dispatch managers recognise space saving solutions and processing time are key to pack bench efficiencies as slow throughput can affect other areas of their operations and ultimately increase their costs.

Packaging solution provider Storopack has developed the “Working Comfort” principle in which technical experts develop strategic solutions that fit perfectly into production processes to increase efficiencies and reduce costs. Whether packaging paper padding, air cushioning, foam padding or loose fill, all of Storopack’s systems can be integrated efficiently into warehouse operations.

By solving the conundrum of which products are best suited for the protection of their customers’ products combined with how to achieve fluidity of their operations, this combined successful Storopack principle is already benefiting many high street brand’s  ecommerce and retail operations.


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