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VIDEO: performance of LED lighting dramatically illustrated

VIDEO: performance of LED lighting dramatically illustrated

LED Eco Lights has released a dramatic and informative CGI video to highlight the performance, versatility and energy-saving benefits of its revolutionary Goodlight G5 LED batten luminaire.

Designed and developed as the 21st Century LED replacement for inefficient and energy-hungry fluorescent tubes, the Goodlight G5 is heralded as combining the looks for retail with the performance for industry.
The two-minute video reveals the stark disadvantages of outdated fluorescent fittings that are not only extremely energy intensive but also totally reliant on old lighting technology. This includes control gear that requires additional maintenance and has a relatively short lifespan. Performance is also often poor and accompanied by various operational problems such as flickering, buzzing and blackened tubes.
By contrast, the Goodlight G5 batten LED luminaire provides ‘instant on' illumination, super brightness of 110 lm/W and a 50,000 hours lifespan. Launched as the fifth Goodlight LED Hero Product, this new model also offers energy savings of up to 65% to achieve potential payback within four months and is covered by a comprehensive five-year guarantee.

The new video graphically illustrates the ease and speed of installation which, when upgrading an existing fluorescent tube batten to the Goodlight G5 LED, can be completed in less than 10 minutes. This simple installation process is assured by a choice of recessed and surface mountings plus suspended fixings, all within the physical space of the original fluorescent fitting.

Also, this flexibility means that the new Goodlight G5 LED batten luminaire is ideal for general and task lighting applications in retail stores, classrooms, car parks, warehouses, offices, hospitals and numerous other locations. Importantly, because there is no glass component within the product, the Goodlight G5 is also perfect for use in all kinds of food and drink production areas.
Available in two-, four- and five-foot lengths, the Goodlight G5 LED batten luminaire has been conceived to offer a sleek appearance matched to rugged performance. The new IP65-rated G5 LED batten luminaire also incorporates ‘Five Way' protection against rain, dust, ice, heat and corrosion. Furthermore, the model may be specified complete with an integral battery back-up to ensure suitability for use in emergency lighting systems.
"If anyone's looking for a dramatic, hard hitting and concise explanation of how our new Goodlight G5 LED batten luminaire is the perfect replacement for outdated fluorescent tubes, I urge them to take a look at our new video," says Saima Shafi, LED Eco Lights' Marketing Director.

"The video pulls no punches in exposing the shortcomings of energy-hungry fluorescents and clearly highlights the benefits and advantages of our new Goodlight G5 LED batten luminaire."


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