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VIDEO: Partnership drives efficiencies at Travis Perkins Group

VIDEO: Partnership drives efficiencies at Travis Perkins Group

The Travis Perkins Group’s partnership with Briggs Equipment continues to evolve to support the changing needs of 2,500 branches and the Wickes operation.

Spanning more than 20 years and currently driven by technological developments and wider commercial challenges, the relationship is enabling the UK’s premier builder’s merchant and home improvements retailer to grow its business by maximising key efficiencies.

Traditionally, the upgrading or expansion of a materials handling fleet has been a procurement decision but, increasingly, it is becoming an operations responsibility that impacts on overall business management. Customer involvement in this type of operations decision is key to sustaining a long-term relationship. Meanwhile, in light of the drive towards single supply, businesses are embracing opportunities to work with providers that can operate as a ‘one stop’ resource.

Briggs aligns itself with its customer base and provides the Travis Perkins Group with a complete asset management solution.

Briggs understands the Travis Perkins business so appreciates the challenges the Group faces. Working closely with the Travis Perkins team, Briggs delivers tailored solutions designed to support the company by boosting productivity or reducing costs – and often both. Such is the strength of the relationship that the Travis Perkins Group will turn to Briggs to determine how best to solve its problems.
With a team of 600 highly skilled engineers nationwide, Briggs offers unrivalled service support, maintaining the diverse range of equipment in use at Travis Perkins outlets at peak performance. Swift response times are vital to branches with only one fork lift truck.

Briggs Equipment’s market-leading asset management tool, BE Portal, provides total fleet transparency. Reliable data informs decision-making that will improve safety while also reducing damage to equipment and infrastructure.

In a collaborative account management process Briggs and Travis Perkins assess the needs of the business before determining a solution that will enhance the Group’s service offer to its customers.


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