VIDEO - Packer introduces lowest carbon footprint packaging

October 08, 2010 by Peter MacLeod
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VIDEO - Packer introduces lowest carbon footprint packaging

ExpandOS Packer Products has introduced its new lowest carbon footprint protective packaging system.

ExpandOS, known as Expand On Site, is a patented packaging protection solution that is 100% reusable and recyclable making it the eco-friendly alternative to foam, bubble wrap, and packaging peanuts.

Its paper is manufactured from certified sustainable forestry and is made from 100% post industrial waste material that would have had to be re-pulped. Together this means Packer is reducing the industrial waste stream, which cuts the carbon footprint significantly.

Its unique design incorporates 38 different edges and holes, allowing ExpandOS to fit together to form a protective barrier against potential damages. Its unique properties allow it to expand up to 25 times its original size at the point of use. With this technology, ExpandOS provides the blocking, bracing and cushioning of its competitors whilst being environmentally friendly.

Product marketing has never been easier, as ExpandOS can incorporate your own logo in bio-degradable ink.

ExpandOS is simple to use - just surround your shipment with ExpandOS and it is ready to go without the risk of damages.

Here you can see ExpandOS in action:



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