VIDEO: LAPD’s BatCat is a smashing bit of kit

February 28, 2012 by Peter MacLeod
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VIDEO: LAPD’s BatCat is a smashing bit of kit

badcat_thumb.jpgThe Los Angeles Police Department's new toy - the BatCat - was on standby at the recent Oscars ceremony in Hollywood. In case of a bomb alert, the reinforced fork lift truck can be deployed to push or lift away any danger. 

It is more often used to smash its way into property where a suspected gunman is holed up - sadly, a seemingly regular occurance in the US. It can tear apart a home in minutes without putting an officer in danger.

Click below to watch the BatCat undergoing testing

LAPD Remotec BatCat

The BatCat - aka the Bomb Assault Tactical Control Assessment Tool - is an unmanned vehicle based on a Caterpillar telehandler. The shiny black BatCat can be remotely driven at up to 6mph. Its arm can extend 50 feet horizontally or vertically and can be equipped with a claw, forklift or bucket.

The LA Times reports that the vehicle, along with a trailer and other accessories, cost the LAPD nearly $1 million.


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