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Video: High production tray sealers in action

Video: High production tray sealers in action

Fresh produce suppliers in the UK can further strengthen their hand in a demanding marketplace by embracing the latest tray sealing technology from ULMA Packaging Ltd, the leading packaging machinery and complete automated lines supplier.

The international firm, part of a co-operative, successfully launched the TSA 680 P and TSA 875 P automatic tray sealers into Europe earlier this year. Specifically developed for the fresh produce industry, these high-performance packaging solutions are now available in the UK.

ULMA has a long and impressive background in the fresh produce arena and both the TSA 680 P and TSA 875 P are built to reflect the most demanding requirements for sealing of preformed trays of fruit and vegetables. This robust technology can be integrated into process automation and combines high production speeds with exceptional accuracy.

Powered by the innovative Continuous Motion Control (CMC) software to optimise production by ensuring that trays are always accurately positioned in the sealing area, the new tray sealers can deliver impressive throughput of up to 150 trays per minute at a cadence of 25 cycles/pm.  

The TSA 875 P automatic tray sealer is for sealing all types of trays and materials and like the TSA 680 P can also gas flush, without vacuum, depending on the requirements of the product to be packaged. The equipment is also easy to use by operators thanks to touch screen PCs.

ULMA Product Manager, Alastair Cook, said: “Our range of tray sealers are continually being developed and upgraded for specific food sectors - the 875 P was on show at the recent Interpack exhibition and attracted a lot of attention. Incorporating CMC provides a major production boost that can help growers get their fruit and veg to market even faster.”

This equipment has been designed for integration into medium-high production lines or processes with high accuracy in tray positioning. The sealing process can be on one row (single-line) or in two rows (double-line) depending on the formats to be packaged.

An approved supplier to multiple retailers and small businesses alike, ULMA provides a wide range of high level and flexible automated packing equipment which can maximise crop production for a cross-section of products, whether they are raspberries, apples and salads or carrots, onions and potatoes.

In addition to tray sealing systems, ULMA supplies horizontal flowrappers, thermoforming and skin packaging, vertical packaging machines, shrink side seal, sleeve wrapping and stretch film systems, meaning there will be something to suit all budgets in the fresh produce industry.

Innovative packaging technology – backed up by ULMA’s complete spares and service support – offers a variety of sectors equipment and fully integrated solutions that are highly productive and

efficient to meet the growing demand for great commercial visibility and speed to market.


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