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VIDEO: Follow a package on its tracked journey

VIDEO: Follow a package on its tracked journey

Telematics company Teletrac Navman has launched ‘The Package’, a video content campaign designed to bring to life the concept of connected workflow.

The film is shot from the perspective of a package to illustrate how a connected transport solution allows businesses to react to changing circumstances such as traffic conditions and urgent jobs, improve communication and manage driver hours effectively with greater visibility and control.

'The Package' represents the breadth of telematics functionality across a wider range of fleet operational needs, with connected workflow driving the next generation of fleet management, allowing managers to streamline their operation from start to finish.

The campaign highlights how an integrated connected workflow solution ensures a business operation is fully joined-up across departments and benefits from efficiencies across all aspects of their activity. In this instance, the film demonstrates the placing of an order, through to dispatch and signature capture, tracked on a second-by-second basis.

Inspired by Snatch film-maker, Guy Richie, the short video features fast-moving, action-packed sequences and creates an intriguing scenario, showing a truck driver deliver an unknown package from start-point to its destination on time – highlighting in-cab and office-based technology for optimal workflow.

Peter Millichap, UK marketing director at Teletrac Navman, commented: “We’re really excited to launch our connected workflow campaign.

"Depicting events from various perspectives, the film demonstrates how having a complete connected solution can be a game changer for anyone responsible for running a vehicle fleet, helping them communicate safely and effectively with their drivers, improve customer service and deliver a more streamlined operation.

"Our industry is rapidly evolving and this film expresses how technology is the future of the fleet.”


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