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Video: Dematic leverages the data and technologies within the FC

Video: Dematic leverages the data and technologies within the FC

Providing more than an automated material handling system, Dematic leverages the data and technologies within your fulfilment centres to help measure your progress and improve your operations on a sustainable basis that strengthens the entire supply chain while providing you a competitive advantage.

With over 75 years in the business and over 40-percent of the world's retail orders fulfilled via Dematic systems, we have the technical foundation and internal processes to take your operations to the next dimension.

Dematic has built a diverse and highly efficient distribution centre with two high-bay racking systems, a multishuttle system, an order-picking process for small parts and 16 high ergomomic pallet packing stations near Aarhus for the Dansk Supermarked retailing group. The DC handles highly complex pallets for the retail trade with minimal picking costs and maximum quality. The system, most of which is fully automated, is controlled by the DC Director warehouse management system.

The distribution centre in Arslev was designed specifically to meet the challenges of retail with its seasonal fluctuations and a wide range of products. As well as providing virtually flawless order picking, the system provided by Dematic responds simply and quickly to various demand situations. The contract for system planning and project implementation was awarded to Dematic, acting as general contractor.

The 800 stores of the Danish Dansk Supermarked retailing group stock virtually everything you need on a daily and occasional basis. The company's supermarkets and stores trade under familiar names such as Netto, Bilka and Fotex. Their products range from shoelaces and flat screens to groceries and bicycles. Accordingly, their supply chain is characterised by packages of a huge range of shapes, weights and sizes.


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