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VIDEO: automated warehouse doors

VIDEO: automated warehouse doors

sara LBS, the supplier and installer of loading bay equipment and high speed doors, offers the market a complete package solution which can help to make a factory or warehouse run more efficiently.

However, without a display area the size of a small warehouse, it can be hard for the company to properly demonstrate the true depth of its product range. To remedy this it has built a virtual factory which shows some of its most popular products in action in a realistic working environment.

As the tour starts you see the exterior of a warehouse unit similar to those found in any industrial estate in the country. The camera flies past the sara LBS loading bays which are all installed complete with dock shelter, dock leveller, sectional overhead door and loading bay wheel guides.
Each of these products are available directly from sara LBS. Its expert sales engineers are able to design bespoke loading bays and oversee their installation working closely with contractors and architects.

As the tour continues we approach the first of four doors from the sara LBS ‘Sprint’ range of high speed roller shutter doors. The Sprint 450 in this instance is operated by an induction loop as a forklift approaches.

The automated system triggers the door at the perfect moment to allow it to fully open as the approaching vehicle passes through – never having to slow down. The high speed operation of the Sprint range is an advantage in these situations as vehicles are not impeded and the door is open for shorter amounts of time; keeping vermin out and the warmth in.

The next two doors we see, the Sprint 3000 and Sprint 355 respectively, offer the same high speed operation as the Sprint 450. In the case of the Sprint 3000 it is triggered by radar, which is another one of the many operating systems available to customers.

The Sprint 3000 is manufactured using aluminium profiles for added strength and security for externally positioned applications. The Sprint 355 has PVC curtain which is transparent, helping to improve visibility on-site and reducing the risk of collision at factory choke points.

Finally we move into the bottling area of the factory where we see there is laboratory partitioned off from the rest of the building by a Sprint Cleanroom door. The Sprint Cleanroom has been awarded ISO Class 5-EN 14644-1 cleanroom certification by the Fraunhofer Institute, meaning it is able to maintain a pressure difference up to 25Pa to protect hygiene critical environments from contamination from surrounding areas.

The door boasts a host of features designed for hygienic and reliable operation including contactless operation and controlled closing for pressure equalisation.

All of the products seen on the factory tour are available exclusively from sara LBS in the UK. Unlike most suppliers who use contractors to design and install their products, sara LBS employs a team of engineers who are available 24/7 for onsite support. This expertise allows the team to build bespoke solutions which are perfectly suited to the needs of SME OEMs and Blue Chip Multinationals alike.


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