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VIDEO: archer vs. Continental port tyre

VIDEO: archer vs. Continental port tyre

A survey conducted by Continental Commercial Specialty Tires (CST) has shown that that more than 50% of its customers plan to buy or to recommend the new Continental Harbor tyres - launched at TOC Europe 2013 in Rotterdam earlier this year - in the future.

The new tyre range was especially developed for vehicles that face the challenging working environments in port operation.

Terminal operators, crane drivers and dealers were excited by the quality, adaption to market needs and variety of the products presented by Continental CST.

“The positive feedback reassures us that our products are well perceived by the market," says Dr. Michael Andreas Maertens, managing director of Continental CST. "We will continue to focus on tire solutions for customers in specialised logistics segments such as the harbour business. A reasonable decision for us: port logistics, for example, are expected to grow steadily and surveys indicate that cargo volumes will double by 2024.”

The new portfolio features special tyres for all vehicles in port logistics such as straddle carriers, reach stackers, gantry cranes, terminal tractors, and terminal trailers, as well as heavy-duty forklifts.

Nearly all new tyres are based on the revolutionary V.ply technology, developed by Continental. V.ply is used to build extremely sturdy tyres. Their sidewalls can be three times thicker than the sidewall of a typical radial tyre. As a result, vehicles – especially when carrying higher stacks such as straddle carriers – are less likely to tilt and cause accidents.

At the same time, the chance that the typical “kissing effect” of twin-tired vehicles occurs is significantly lower.

In order to demonstrate the stability of the new V.ply tires, CST conducted a highly unusual test, the film of which went viral among social media users.


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