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Vanderlande provides automation for Russian retailers

Vanderlande provides automation for Russian retailers

Vanderlande, the well-known Dutch materials handling company, has been focusing its attention on the world of fashion retailing. With a long and still expanding project list, this strategy has now also been extended to Russia, with recent examples including TVOE and Carlo Pazolini.

TVOE, one of Russia’s largest and fastest-growing fashion retailers, has a modern DC of 14,000 sq m in the Chekhov area, which services the company’s own fashion stores as well as franchisees in Russia. Its products, which are aimed at a young audience, can be described as fast fashion.

It has a large product range and fast-changing collections and promotions, so the ever-increasing number of stores needs to be serviced several times a week. TVOE’s rapid growth and the scarcity of skilled labour were the main drivers behind their decision to automate.

In order to handle peaks in demand and to improve accuracy and cost efficiency, it needed to reduce its dependency on skilled labour. Automation was not only a cost-effective solution, but was also essential to fulfil TVOE’s mission to provide excellent service.

TVOE’s new automated solution was designed to routinely handle over 240,000 items per day in two shifts. At peak times, the system can operate 24 hours a day, handling nearly 500,000 items. The system consists of a goods receiving area with in-line labelling, a five-aisle HDS shuttle system with Barracuda load for double-deep carton storage, and 40,000 locations.

There is also a CROSSORTER 700 for single item sorting. Order picking has 20 induct stations in accordance with the single touch principle. Product cartons not picked empty at the induct station (residuals) return to the shuttle system. The CROSSORTER, with pre-sort, has 182 chutes which sort directly into shipping cartons.

An overhead chain conveyor brings the empty and re-used cartons automatically to the chute operators. Replenishment of the shuttle system is from the bulk pallet warehouse (Very Narrow Aisle). Carton closing is semi-automatic and wrapping, which is upstream of the shipping sorter, is fully automatic. The total system including the manual pallet area is controlled by VISION.WMS.

International shoe and accessory company Carlo Pazolini is known for its Italian quality and its forward-looking style. Its history dates back to 1990 when the Carlo Pazolini trademark was registered in Italy.

There are currently over 150 retail stores across Europe and several new stores are opened worldwide each year offering a wide variety of high-end shoes and accessories. To enable this international growth, Carlo Pazolini’s Moscow DC is be fully automated by Vanderlande.

Pazolini’s fast-growing turnover has intensified the need for automation. The new solution will be operational seven days a week, 11 hours per day. During peak times, Pazolini will be able to extend the operation to 24 hours a day.

By using a CROSSORTER 700 combined with two in-feeds and 80 chutes, Pazolini will be able to achieve a capacity of 4,000 items per hour. Empty cartons will be supplied to the packing area using a hanging conveyor, and a take-away conveyor with weighing and labelling will complete the materials handling solution.

The sorting solution will be used for four operations:

  • Shop orders
  • Receiving
  • Returns receiving and sorting to Stock Keeping Unit (SKU) level
  • Inventory check

The long cartons for tall boots will be orientated so as to optimise chute fill rates. Two manual in-feed locations will be specifically assigned for accessories and bags.

After sorting the orders for their shops, operators will take an empty carton from the hanging conveyor and fill the cartons for shipment. These cartons will then be put on the take-away conveyor for automatic weighing and labelling. This new way of working will result in improved pick quality with fewer operators, a single way of working for multiple processes, and a reduction in the space required.

Vanderlande will be at CeMAT Russia from 23rd – 24th September at Stand A235, Hall 12, Pavilion 3 at the Crocus Expo in Moscow.

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