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Vanderlande achieves record safety

Vanderlande achieves record safety

Vanderlande Australia achieves Safety Certification in record time

Vanderlande Industries Australia Pty has achieved certification to the OHSAS 18001:2007 standard for occupational health and safety following a three day audit by SAI Global in June 2014.

The external audit followed an intense few months of activities which have utilised work previously done in the UK to develop an OHSAS 18001 compliant safety management system, which allowed the Australian customer centre to fast track certification. Jenny Farr, Safety Quality & Environmental Manager in the UK, provided support to the local teams by visiting projects, undertaking audit activities, training managers and supervisors and by supporting the management and project teams in implementing requirements.  

The OHSAS 18001 standard requires companies to meet the requirements of the standard, comply with legislation and make continuous improvements. In the few months run up to the audit everyone, including Vanderlande’s subcontractors, where engaged in reviewing safety deliverables and implementing the necessary improvements to ensure everyone was aligned with requirements and ready for the audit.  

SAI Global reviewed the safety management system processes and checked implementation both in the Sydney office and at one of the sites where Vanderlande is building an automated material handling solution (sorting terminal in this particular case).They reviewed the safety on site operations and the supporting documentation. Several team members were spoken to by the auditors, who were impressed with everyone’s commitment to safety and their enthusiasm in meeting the aims of the safety policy.   

The subject areas that were audited are:
•    Management commitment, achievement against objectives and targets
•    Safety management review and continual improvement
•    Hazard identification risk assessment monitoring and control
•    Compliance evaluation legal, statutory, regulatory and other requirements and communication
•    Internal audit
•    Worker consultation, communication and participation
•    Operational control
•    Incident reporting and investigations
•    Emergency preparedness and response
•    Monitoring and measurement
•    Training and competence
•    Management of subcontractors

Vanderlande in Australia are now certificated to the OHSAS 18001 standard for all of its activities. Roald de Groot, director of Vanderlande Industries Australia Pty said: “This is a fantastic achievement and demonstrates the hard work that everyone is placing on ensuring we do not only have good safety documentation, but also that we are utilising the safety tools provided in order to deliver high standards at all of our sites and ensuring that everyone stays safe. It also provides our clients with the confidence that we are a safety focused organisation.”

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