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US-China trade war creates market opportunities in Europe

US-China trade war creates market opportunities in Europe

The trade war triggered over recent months has completely changed the global supply scenarios at the expense of the Chinese one. According to research published by NBC News, the import of American products into China fell by 31% in June, leading to an economic decrease of 6.2%. Moreover, according to a survey published by Reuters, exports from the Chinese market fell by 1.3% compared to 2018, leaving China with a trade deficit of over 41 billion dollars. Data on Chinese exports to the USA are even more negative: actually, according to a report released by the South China Morning Post, this sector saw a collapse of 7.8%. Economic reasons that, according to logistic analysts, are going to push numerous global suppliers to invest in commercial networks on the European market, where the scenario linked to trade transactions with China is going to offer new commercial opportunities. The Chinese market is indeed very advanced in the web delivery logistics, a factor that will lead to further growth in the warehouse product automation sector. In this panorama Baoli too takes its place, as an international player that operates in as many as 40 countries in the EMEA market, with the aim of having an even greater impact on the trade transactions of a steadily growing industry, namely the logistics market.

“The success of Baoli has legitimised the Chinese product on the market, positioning it in a more reassuring context for customers. The strength of thought has become the strength of a network and this is why our company relies on a fast-growing one, able to supply not only products but also solutions and services to customers with wide-spread distribution, relying on a premium group material handling - explains Giovanni Culici, Managing Director of Baoli EMEA - The duty policy has completely shifted the focus of interest to the European continent, as Africa and the Middle East are already territories dominated by Chinese products. So Europe remains the largest contributor in terms of volumes and presence, but we are operating selectively and satisfactorily in key countries with key partners. More and more big European companies are asking us to collaborate with them in the countries where they are growing, as they wish to rely on a partner with Europe-based headquarters but with quality products”.

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