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UK operations are becoming more efficient, says Awards sponsor SEC Storage

UK operations are becoming more efficient, says Awards sponsor SEC Storage

We ask SEC Storage - category sponsor of the New Facility Award in 2017 - why maximising logistics space is key to efficiency. 

SHD: Why is it important to recognise operations which invest in new facilities here in the UK?

Gary Kirk, project sales director, SEC Storage: In a very dynamic and changeable market, it is essential to adapt and improve. Investment is key to this. Businesses that invest in operations are able to innovate and change which in turn helps them to grow and succeed.

By recognising and celebrating these new facilities the logistics industry is able to learn and develop. Pioneers of new technology, methods and solutions will ensure that the UK logistics industry is able to create an environment that is competitive in a global market, especially following our decision to leave the EU.

Having previously won the New Facility award with our project for Kuehne + Nagel Ltd and Ben Sherman, we know that recognition can bring huge benefits to any organisation, stimulating interest in innovation, solutions and future investment.

SHD: How are UK operations maximising logistics space in 2017?

Gary Kirk: Ultimately UK operations are maximising logistics space by becoming more efficient.

When we traditionally talk about maximising space we think about maximising the cubic capacity within the building. There are scenarios where this is most important, however, our experience suggests that in the majority of cases, the optimal design is the one that balances capacity and operational efficiency. This type of solution meets both internal operational requirements, and the needs of our customers.

With the rise of customer demands, such as next day delivery being placed on operations, a key driver for logistics spaces in 2017 should be how efficiently they can pick, pack, despatch and replenish goods.

When investing in any new solution it is important to analyse in detail both the SKU data and the order profiles of the business. This should include the total number and physical size of the SKUs, however, information such as the number of SKUs that comprise an order and the quantity of items picked are essential to the overall design. By doing this both a cubically and operationally efficient solution can be designed, which maximises on the logistics space.

Venue: Grange St. Paul's Hotel
Date: Thursday 21 September 2017
Entry to Awards opens: 3 March 2017
Entry to Awards close: Entries are now closed
Contact: [email protected] or 020 7017 712

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