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U-Freight emphasises e-commerce impact in driving air cargo growth

U-Freight emphasises e-commerce impact in driving air cargo growth

Commenting on the most recent air cargo demand statistics revealed by the International Air Transport Association (IATA), international freight forwarder and logistics service provider, U-Freight said the figures mirror much of its own experience of late.

IATA reported that air cargo demand measured in freight tonne kilometres (FTK) grew by 8.8 percent in November 2017 compared to the year-earlier period, an increase from the 5.8 percent annual growth recorded in October 2017.

Simon Wong, U-Freight chief executive officer said: “Whilst the fourth quarter is traditionally a strong period in air cargo, we believe that much of the growth can be attributed to the air cargo logistics associated with the boom in cross-border e-commerce activities across the planet.

“With our background in air freight logistics, U-Freight was quick to see the potential logistics business that would result from that boom.

“We have been a pioneer in developing logistics services for the e-commerce market, which resulted in us being early-qualified by China Customs and CIQ as a licensed Cross-border E-Commerce Enterprise, as well as a Cross-border E-Commerce Logistics Service Provider.

“We have committed to investing in redevelopments at a number of our warehouses in China, South East Asia and North America to better equip them to handle the logistics associated with the ever-growing global e-commerce business.

“We have also developed systems that can connect e-commerce / e-shop platforms with relevant customs authorities and, which deliver data transparency. This is something that is on offer at all of our facilities around the world that offer e-commerce logistics services.

“The e-commerce industry, led by China, is a new engine of growth for the global economy, and the value of global e-commerce transactions will only rise with increasing internet penetration and recognition.

“The measures that we are taking by investing in infrastructure, technology and services are already paying off via increased volumes in many of the airfreight trade lanes that we serve.”

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