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Trojan prepares for Q4 2016

Trojan prepares for Q4 2016

Trojan, a company that provides multichannel retail sales and fulfilment to some of the largest companies in the world, is well prepared for Q4 as the company continues to increase activities within its etail and B2C fulfilment business unit.

Trojan's etail division allows its customers to directly sell their B2C and B2B products worldwide. With Q4 2016 around the corner, Trojan's increase in dispatch area and additional conveyor lines to increase the number of orders it can process each day, means the firm has taken significant steps to ensure its clients are catered for.

The move to its new location during spring 2015 - a new, purpose built 180,000 sq. ft. facility off Amazon Way, Swansea - has given Trojan the physical infrastructure the company envisioned it would need to expand and manage activity during this demanding time of year.

Clive Murphy, managing director of Trojan, commented: "It's going to be a solid Q4. We're seeing growing demand for all our etail services and are mapping on some metrics a four-fold year-on-year increase for some customers. We also anticipate an increase in activity from what would be new customers, or customers using us for services we've not previously performed for them, as we're able to swiftly switch-on to provide PPD or related activities, for what can be unexpected increases in demand. Our IT systems have in-built flexibility, so provisioning for data-work isn't usually an obstacle for us either.

"We've had clients contact us with re-pack requirements for hundreds of thousands of items that needed completing in a matter of weeks. Other clients have experienced substantial increases in demand for products that they could supply B2C, but didn't have the logistical capacity to facilitate."

"Trojan can and does step in to bridge the gaps for these clients. One client refers to us as their ‘Paracetamol', as we've always managed to solve their headaches for them during this demanding and stressful time of year."

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