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Transport Exchange Group teams up with TomTom Telematics

Transport Exchange Group teams up with TomTom Telematics

Transport Exchange Group now uses live vehicle data from the TomTom Telematics WEBFLEET system to enhance the experience of its members. 

This integration equips the members of the Haulage Exchange and Courier Exchange with live information, such as vehicle location and status, which can be used to make best use of available resources.

Couriers, hauliers, freight forwarders and logistics providers registered with the freight trading platform can now quickly and efficiently promote the use of empty vehicles using real-time positioning and status information taken from WEBFLEET. This not only maximises visibility of available resources, but also provides live load notifications based on actual vehicle locations. 

In addition, the integrated solution also generates automatic load status updates for trading partners to ensure complete transparency of the work undertaken for added peace of mind.
Falcon Print Transport, a specialist delivery company of printed material based in Stratford, East London, has become one of the first operators to take advantage of the new agreement. By integrating its TomTom WEBFLEET data into the freight trading platform, Falcon Print is now able to better promote the availability of 10 vehicles within its owned transport fleet, and achieve better vehicle utilisation.
According to Barry Wicks from Falcon Print Transport: “Since integrating WEBFLEET with the Exchange, we have seen an increase in the number of incoming job opportunities because other members can see exactly where our vehicles are and if they are available. It certainly makes life easier to promote our free capacity, because it removes the need to manually input the location and status of vehicles.”
Meanwhile, trading partners will also be able use the live tracking data to view the whereabouts and progress of their loads whilst in transit to provide added visibility and peace of mind. 

“We can now quickly and efficiently show where a particular vehicle to demonstrate we are delivering on our service promise. Sometimes it is important to prove we are doing the job properly and the integration is a simple way of achieving this,” explains Wicks.
Giles Margerison, sales director UK & Ireland at TomTom Telematics, commented: “It is great to see live data from WEBFLEET being used in the TEG platform, helping both operators and trading partners enjoy greater visibility and transparency.”
Lyall Cresswell, managing director of Transport Exchange Group, said: “We work with leading technology providers such as TomTom Telematics to provide real time data that enhances the experience on our platform. This enables us to deliver significant added value to our members by accessing live operational data from each the vehicle and feeding this into the exchange platform members have the opportunity to streamline operational processes, increase visibility and ultimately improve business performance.

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