Transmon’s IMHX vision

June 23, 2009 by Peter MacLeod
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Transmon’s IMHX vision

As details emerge about who’s doing what at IMHX 2010, Transmon Engineering has revealed it will be showcasing a series of low cost systems for forklift users wishing to reduce costs and increase safety.

Transmon’s stand will focus on themes that are significant to a variety of materials handling operations, including efficiency, visibility and speed control. Paul Sercombe of Transmon says, “Our specialists will offer simple advice about reducing operational costs, heightening safety and enhancing efficiency.”

Leicester-based Transmon Engineering designs, manufactures and installs integrated modular systems, predominantly within the materials handling industry. The company helps to deliver low cost, reduced carbon emissions, heightened safety and increased efficiency to operations everywhere.

IMHX 2019

Transmon systems can be fitted to most trucks, bringing a number of benefits to any operation.



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