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Transdek wins TCS&D Award for Innovation 2015

Transdek wins TCS&D Award for Innovation 2015

Transdek UK has won the Temperature Controlled Storage & Distribution Award for Innovation 2015 for its high-specification multi-temperature DUET Wedge double-deck trailer.

The trailer, which is capable of transporting up to 50 standard pallets or up to 90 roll cages, twice the load of a standard single deck reefer, was developed for Thomas Ridley Foodservice to bring improvements to supply chain efficiency.

Transdek, the total solutions specialists for the double-deck sector, custom designed and built the unique trailer specifically to trunk multi-temperature produce from Thomas Ridley’s national distribution centre (NDC) at Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk, to a new facility at Paddock Wood in Tunbridge Wells.

Paul Farrow, Distribution Manager at Thomas Ridley, said: “We aimed to introduce a cost-effective, environmentally friendly solution on this trunking route. By commencing two daily Wedge trailer deliveries, we can transport the equivalent of four 13.6-metre single deck trailers on this 216-mile round trip. This equates to saving 432 miles per day, or 157,248 miles a year, generating an annual reduction of over 190,000kg CO2 and over £200,000 in transport costs.”

The TCS&D Awards judges praised the trailer, stating: “We were looking for something new and this trailer is certainly that.  What impressed us were the many innovative features which had been put together to provide a very flexible transport solution.”

The trailer incorporates Transdek’s unique, patent applied ‘Wedge’ chassis design, which allows full-height loading on both decks, including over the slimline 76mm neck.  It is also fitted with Transdek’s patented insulated twin-slide vertical door system, with a four-part sliding insulated curtain on the inside of each deck to create additional thermal integrity.

Opening one deck at a time after docking, the system offers further improvements in thermal efficiency, driver safety and anti-theft security.

Specified with a low-noise, low-emission Thermo King SLXe Spectrum 3 Zone refrigeration unit and three off S3 remote evaporator units, the trailer offers three independent temperature zones with a range of -20°C to +7°C. A removable bi-fold plug type insulated bulkhead is fitted on the bottom deck to separate frozen/chilled or chilled/ ambient compartments.

Compared to lifting deck alternatives, the Wedge trailer offers at least three tonnes' more payload, enabling more efficient transport with lower running costs, fuel consumption and CO2 emissions.

All internal and external lights are based on ultra low-energy LED technology, with two PIR-operated 12,600 lumens strip LEDs fitted internally on both top and bottom decks – a first in the UK. A lightweight, slimline, two-tier column tail-lift facilitates easy offloading at the Paddock Wood distribution centre.

To provide maximum loading efficiency, Transdek has also installed three of its award winning 6.5-tonne V2G modular double-deck lifts and developed a modular warehouse extension at the Bury St Edmunds NDC to service the DUET Wedge trailer along with Thomas Ridley Foodservice’s existing fleet of rigid trucks.

The entire installation was completed and commissioned in less than four days, creating a sealed, temperature-controlled continuum between delivery vehicles and the warehouse.

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