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Transdek UK’s pioneering new Wedge Trailer gets the Royal seal of approval

Transdek UK’s pioneering new Wedge Trailer gets the Royal seal of approval

Transdek UK are celebrating their third Queen’s Award for Enterprise win today, 21st April 2018, for their outstanding achievement to Innovation. The pioneering Fixed Double Deck Wedge Trailer has several unique features, which secured Transdek this prestigious award.

Transdek began over twenty years ago at the helm of founder Mark Adams, and operates out of their factory and headquarters based in Harworth, South Yorkshire. Initially created to develop and sell loading equipment for the distribution sector in the UK, Transdek has grown to offer a full range of trailer and loading bay patented products with the aim of offering more efficient and sustainable road freight through cost, fuel, and space saving technologies.

The 4.95m Wedge Trailer offers a 52 pallet capacity with the ability to accommodate taller loads, such as roll cages or pallets (up to 1862mm high on both decks), due to a distinctive kink in the body (patent granted). This unique body design adds additional height at the neck to accommodate full height loads, allowing for extra volume and payload compared to standard powered deck alternatives. The Wedge Trailer can also be fitted with V-Glide sash type rear doors, another patented feature developed by Transdek, for faster and safer loading and unloading of goods. Temperature controlled options are available with up to a 50 pallet capacity.

The award-winning Wedge Trailer is helping towards road sustainability goals, as it has the capability to carry up to 25% more load volume and up to 40% more payload (up to an additional 7 tonnes) compared to conventional double deckers.  In real terms, if the UK’s fleet of powered double deckers were all to benefit from this extra payload capacity, it could save over 150 million road miles per year, which equates to almost 330 return trips to the moon. The fixed deck of the Wedge Trailer also offers increased reliability, due to having no moving parts, and a longer lifespan over conventional models.

Transdek’s client base includes Boots, Nisa, Argos, Eddie Stobart and many others, all of whom praise Transdek for helping them to meet their sustainability goals with more efficiently loaded trailers, saving on crucial road miles and diesel fuel usage across their transportation network.

Boots UK were the first retailer to trial the Wedge Trailer in 2016, and since then have purchased an initial  60 of these models. After making this change Boots has been able to reduce their fleet by 18%, saving them 340,000km a year from their distribution routes. This has reduced Boots’ overhead costs and diesel consumption, whilst also helping the environment by reducing vehicle emissions and road congestion.

For retail park and town-centre deliveries, Transdek’s Urban Wedge trailer also uses the same efficiency saving technology with a 40 pallet (20 tonne) capacity on loads up to 1862mm high, a shorter length (10.6m), with temperature controlled options also available. The Urban Wedge carries twice the load of standard urban artics and rigids. If just 10% of the current rigids on UK roads switched to the Urban Wedge over 100 million road miles per year could be saved.

Safety is another key feature of the Wedge Trailer, and as such, the unique V-Glide rear doors allow for faster, safer docking whilst streamlining the vehicle height. Providing up to 300mm of extra roof space compared to shutter doors, the V-Glide system doors are opened after docking so drivers don’t have to stop to open doors in busy yards pre-docking. The sash type door design also avoids the potential hazards to drivers and passing traffic of traditional out-swinging barn doors.

CEO and founder of Transdek, Mark Adams, comments on the Queen’s Award win: “Transdek is incredibly proud of our third Queen’s Award win. Our new Wedge Trailer is our most innovative product to date, so it’s great to see our efforts recognised on a national level in such a competitive field. Our aim has always been to push the boundaries of efficiency savings in modern road logistics, and to work towards the goal of sustainable road freight whilst providing our customers with the highest quality products and total service solutions.

“This week we’re taking the Wedge Trailer to the Commercial Vehicle Show at the NEC and it’s a fantastic coup to announce this prestigious award to the delegates there.”

Transdek are proud to offer complete and comprehensive solutions to their customers, assessing the most efficient trailer types and loading methods for each individual site and operation. Their ongoing commitment to sustainability and innovation are what have earned them further recognition from The Queen’s Award for Enterprise committee this year.

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