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Transdek delivers on double deck collaboration with Boyes

Transdek delivers on double deck collaboration with Boyes

Transdek UK has extended its supply chain relationship with value retailer Boyes with the supply of a fixed double deck trailer that has been specifically engineered to accommodate the company’s 1830mm high roll cages on urban deliveries.

Established in 1881 as a single shop in Scarborough, Boyes now operates a nationwide chain of 62 department stores. The family business offers a wide range of products, including clothing, fabrics, haberdashery, footwear, babywear, DIY, soft furnishings, confectionery, stationery, toiletries, toys, and pet products.
The new 11.8 metre step frame ambient trailer replaces two rigid lorries previously required to service Boyes’ regional stores and makes multi-drop deliveries over a predefined network of daily routes. It provides an increased payload volume of 15%, which cuts 364 journeys annually, saving over 55,250 miles and 1,950 hours of working time per year.
The trailer forms part of a total double deck solution developed by Transdek for Boyes over the past five years to enhance the retailer’s distribution efficiency and to accommodate its expanding operations. This incorporates a range of Transdek’s innovative loading bay lifts and associated equipment.
“Transdek has worked closely with us to develop the ideal fixed double deck solution to meet the demands of our store delivery profile and diverse product mix,” says Mike Gaines, Distribution Manager at Boyes. “The lifts and trailer work in synergy to provide a very effective distribution package. Transdek also ensures maximum uptime with a full range of maintenance services of all equipment.”
The trailer’s low, 4.6-metre overall height profile permits a flexible delivery schedule on a number of key routes with low bridges. The customised trailer can carry 75 of Boyes’ rollcages and has been fitted with a specially adapted taillift to enable easy store unloading.
It also features Transdek’s patented sequentially opening V-Glide sash type rear doors, which allow safer, faster docking and increased load security. These unique doors remain sealed until after the vehicle has docked, eliminating the need for the driver to open the doors in the yard prior to reversing onto the loading bay.
The trailer dovetails seamlessly with Transdek’s modular loading bay installations at Boyes’ main distribution centres at Havers Hill and Hopper Hill in Eastfield, North Yorkshire, which include three 12 roll cage V2G (vehicle to ground) lifts, a 6.5T 12 cage double deck lift and three mezzanine floor lifts, as well as three dock levellers built into a modular extension

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