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TP3 Global presents thermal protection product at Cool Chain 2018

TP3 Global presents thermal protection product at Cool Chain 2018

TP3 Global, a leading supplier of thermal packaging solutions for the pharmaceutical industry, is to showcase its newly-released range of thermal covers at the 17th annual Cool Chain conference in January 2018.

The SilverQuilt cover, which was launched in November 2017, provides superior protection for valuable, sensitive cargo, such as controlled room-temperature pharmaceuticals that must be kept within a temperature range of 15 to 25°C in extreme profiles.

TP3 will also feature the innovative PalletQuilt from TP3’s US partner, Q Sales and products. This is a reusable solution that is supplied in a compressed format, enabling huge cost savings on shipping and storage.

Visitors to the stand will be able to review the covers and learn more about TP3 Global’s new, state-of-the-art technical centre, which allows the UK-based company to undertake all aspects of testing & qualifications to recognised industrial standards, both for its own covers, and those of its customers.

Members of TP3 Global’s technical team will be available at the stand on the 30th and 31st of January, including: Dharmesh Chauhan, Commercial Director; Shane O’Shaughnessy, VP, Global Accounts; Kevin Valentine, Chief Technical Officer; and Paddy O’Hara, Packaging Technologist. Paul Yardon and Jim O’Donnell from TP3’s US partner, QPS, will also attend.

Dharmesh Chauhan, Commercial Director of TP3 Global, said:

“We’ve been supporters of the Cool Chain conference for a number of years now. The event has always been a fantastic way of building connections within the industry and making sure we are aligned with industry developments.

“For 2018’s event, we’ll be focusing largely on the SilverQuilt and PalletQuilt products, and how customers can benefit from our leading technical centre to ensure a qualified, risk-based approach to Good Distribution Practices.

“We also look forward to discussing industry standards – particularly those surrounding R-values, which is a topic we focused on in 2017. It’s our hope that, by continuing the conversation, we can facilitate the development of some concrete, international standards, which would be to everyone’s benefit.

“Our team will be on hand at stand 1 by the entrance, and we look forward to welcoming global delegates to what should be a varied and thought-provoking event.”

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