Toyota introduces pre-operational check into Toyota I_Site

April 09, 2013 by Peter MacLeod
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Toyota introduces pre-operational check into Toyota I_Site

Toyota Material Handling has introduced and electronic pre-operational check integrated into its Toyota I_Site fleet management solution in order to help improve safety and efficiency.

Toyota Site is an intelligent fleet management solution that combines technology with information collected directly from the material handling fleet, plus specialist advice to help customers improve their material handling operation. The pre-operational check function is based on a digital checklist that can be centrally managed by the customer. The device is easily installed on the truck and confirms that trucks are in an appropriate working condition before the truck can be started.  For increased safety, if a critical failure is identified during the operators check, the truck is automatically immobilised or an alarm is activated.

Introduced in the UK at IMHX 2013, Toyota demonstrated to customers live on the stand, the process of pre-operational check and the interactivity between the trucks and the supporting web portal.  The Toyota I_Site specialists were on hand to provide advice on how Toyota could help them to drive down costs in their operation.

Toyota I_Site helps customers to monitor truck performance, damage costs and battery status, authorise correctly trained operators to use specific machines and much more. By working in partnership with Toyota specialists and using this information, Toyota I_Site can help customers to drive down costs, increase productivity and improve the safety of their operation.

In line with Toyota's philosophy of Kaizen (Continuous Improvement) Toyota is also introducing a updated version of its Toyota I_Site web portal that provides customers with critical real-time information about their forklift fleet.

The enhanced web portal system provides customers with increased functionality and is simple to use. The user-friendly dashboard can be customised to a user's personal preference, enabling them to see an instant overview of indicators that are important to their operation.

Tony Wallis, sales and marketing director, Toyota Material Handling UK commented: "At Toyota we strive for innovation and finding solutions that can help our customers to manage this business efficiently and safely. These latest additions to our Toyota I_Site fleet management solution will help customers to control their materials handling fleet and ensure they are getting the most out of their equipment. By reducing the manual system of recording to an electronic system this will make a tremendous difference to meeting legislation and increasing productivity".

Wallis added: "At IMHX 2013 we were able to show customers in real time the benefits of the system and how working in partnership with us could help them to drive down costs in their operation."



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