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Toyota holds live demonstrations at IMHX

Toyota holds live demonstrations at IMHX

Toyota Material Handling UK will be demonstrating the latest developments in order picking and towing solutions live at IMHX 2016, showing visitors how they can optimise their operation, whether it is in e-commerce, distribution or manufacturing.
Toyota will demonstrate three innovative trucks and load carriers as part of the IMHX technology demonstration arena located in Hall 10 - Stand 10H18.

The first truck to be demonstrated will be the BT Optio OSE250 remote drive order picker which allows the operator to drive the truck remotely with a simple control. This reduces the need for an operator to step on and off the truck between picks and helps to increase picking efficiency, reduce operator fatigue and improve the wear & tear and energy consumption on the truck.

In the demonstration Toyota will show how the remote drive works and the safety features.

Following this, Toyota will show two of its latest BT Movit towing tractors. The TSE100 tow tractor with step carrier is ideal for fast moving e-commerce applications. Combined with the step carrier, it provides the flexibility for low-level and higher-level order picking and replenishment, capitalising on potential storage space availability.

The TSE300 tow tractor combined with a host carrier featuring electric lift and lower and a platform carrier, is ideal for replenishment to production lines and the longer distance movement of bulk or picked goods. The host carrier solution is a unique way of transporting several different carriers in a train at the same time.

Goods are handled efficiently, traffic is reduced, and the smaller flexible towing solution can replace larger fork lift trucks and remove some of the safety concerns around using forked vehicles in these environments. In the demonstration Toyota will show the flexibility and ease-of-use of the towing tractors and carriers.

Tony Wallis, Commercial Director for Toyota Material Handling UK, says: "The IMHX Technology Demonstration Arena will be a great opportunity for our team to showcase the unique features of the trucks and create real-life situations, so visitors can see how these solutions could apply in their operation."

The Toyota demonstrations will take place on Tuesday 13th September at 11.15am, Wednesday 14th September at 12.00pm, Thursday 15th September at 12.45pm, and Friday 16th September at 10.30am.

Wallis adds: "We want visitors to the IMHX to leave with new information and new ideas, and this demonstration area combined with the live demonstrations taking place on our main stand will give visitors new ideas about how they can improve their operation."

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