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Toyota explores new energy solutions in intralogistics

Toyota explores new energy solutions in intralogistics

Toyota Material Handling is strongly committed to supporting the growth of its customers' business, while maintaining safe and healthy workplaces and protecting the environment.

To achieve sustainability in intralogistics, Toyota is exploring energy solutions such as hybrid, fuel cell and Lithium-ion, (Li-ion) and is investing in research and development of new technologies.

Li-ion batteries provide a more effective way to store and supply electricity than traditional lead acid batteries, which often need 6 to 12 hours to recharge. Thanks to fast charging during breaks, Li-ion batteries significantly increase productivity by eliminating the need for battery change and saving precious time in a rapidly-moving environment. The forklifts are therefore able to operate even longer to their full potential.

Driven by the constant desire to make customers profit from its innovations, Toyota is currently conducting field tests to prove their Li-ion forklifts' efficiency in the distribution centres of Sainsbury's in the UK and Ahold in the Netherlands. These two major retailers are long-term customers for whom boosting performance and reducing environmental impact at the same time are top priorities.

This ongoing trial includes powered pallet trucks, which are usually used in multiple-shifts operations. For Ahold and Sainsbury's, the Li-ion equipment they now test with Toyota ensures continuous truck availability with low energy consumption. This benefits both their business and the environment: productivity is considerably enhanced in a responsible way.

"Toyota is renowned for designing and manufacturing quality products that ensure durable use for years to come. Our Li-ion range of forklifts will be launched in the first half of 2013," said Johan Rosén, product group manager at Toyota Material Handling.

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